silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning! I have reason to believe my clever method for keeping all the parts of my life on the internets separate is flawed at the heart. Perhaps the plan should read "Don't have the same screen name everywhere." Must rethink, and send through committee. Troubling.

Until then, welcome to here, all the parts of my life on the internets! I had a brief moment of FUCK last night and contemplated locking all my old entries, but I guess the first thing you, O stranger, should know about me is that I'm lazy. So no locking, and yes, gay sparkly popstars in love! And how are you today? Good, good.

Really, you know. *shrugs* If it's an issue, respond as you feel you must. I'll just be over here in the meantime, snickering.

There. Now that the administrative formalities are out of the way, how's it going for everyone out there in Livejournal today? It's Sunday, Sesa's due in two days... care to discuss that? Be anonymous if you like, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help. If it makes a difference, I've decided on a New Year's Resolution: leaving a charred and smoking hole where once a story lay is maybe not the best beta approach. I have no idea how I'll put that into practice, but, you know, I aim to try.

Today: ghost hunting report (note to self: "It got cold a couple of times," while dramatically less than interesting, is accurate. Science is hard on the storytelling!), Narnia, laundry. Porn. Boots, despite the fact that I live in Florida. Because, you know... boots.

p.s., This makes twice now that I've gone to the Humane Society to look at the kitties. Came darn close with one little black monster who screeched when he saw me and climbed up the front of his cage by hooking his paws into the metal links, until he lost his balance and fell over backwards into his water bowl. Still... I don't know. Livejournal, I don't even water my plants.
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