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the meaning of things as they appear to others

Alabama 3 fic! Abdkjksldjf;alk! And pretty damn good, too, for an author who can tip over into florid at times.

Given a Choice, It Would Always Be Sunday

When Ford's goons were dragging Rodney away, Sheppard said: This was not part of the plan.

Rodney said: Help, Colonel, help! but what he meant was duh and what he thought was oh my god oh my god coffee oh my god, where coffee equals wraith enzyme.

That was how he knew he was addicted.

Fabulously written, so different. Loses its way about 2/3 in, but since that's totally supported by the style, I didn't mind at all. Lovely finish.

Is there anything more exciting and chilling in the world than cutting and pasting the sesa story into the submission box? I still have my page open, because every time I click over, I get that stomach leap I haven't felt since the first time I posted on shinyandnew, that Oh my god, I'm going to throw up now wonderful feeling of horror.

I saw Narnia yesterday:

Omg, 90% of the movie was better than I recall from the books. So lovingly realized, and Mr Tumnus! Hot faun, indeed. Mr Tumnus and the White Witch made the movie for me, and they could not have chosen a better little girl for Lucy.

Then, what was missing? For me, a certain sense of strangeness, the utter wild wonder of the Deep Magic, which in the book culminates in Aslan's sacrifice, but which in the movie was turned into an MTV Live production. I think the problem, for me, was that the one character I did not like in this movie was Aslan. Liam Neeson pwns, of course, but his voice was just too smooth, too comforting... yes, that was a Tame Lion, after all. Aslan is supposed to be paternal (no matter what you think of the Xtianity of the story), and the mere mention of his name should make one smile, but he's also supposed to be a representative of a time and place that created the Witch as well as him, somewhere weird and scary and huge.

I wonder if the direct mapping of the movie onto the book isn't what scuppered it in the end, for me. All of the weaknesses of the book were magnified, and by the end I was recalling my 10 yr old objections, although I worshipped the book as a kid: these four kids live a whole life and grow up in Narnia, including (one presumes) doing and thinking about Adult Things, and then BOOM they're back in England again, children? My 10 yr old self couldn't buy that, and I still can't. I'm not talking in terms of reality, but plausibility, which still must hold, even in a story that comes from a place of wonder instead of logic. It still has to be internally consistent, has to give the reader/viewer a sense of Yes. I remember thinking, when I was a kid, that maybe if I'd been raised a Xtian I could have gotten it, and felt better about the way the story held together. Be that as it may. :)

I welcome all arguments over this whole thing, because I know there's a bunch of stuff I missed in the movie. For example, the way the beginning with the german planes was staged is very evocative, but I'm not sure of what. The strobe lights, the way the stuff outside the windows of the planes looked so close and intimate and constructed, almost like a stage set... I think that was done purposely, and it suggests an entry into a world of fantasy, where the life of the kids in England is supposed to be just as strange as their adventure in Narnia, a way to bring us back to Wartime England, but I'm not sure how to fit all that together with what I've said above, or if I even need to or should. Ahahaha!

So, in conclusion, I conclude: I hope they bring the same loving attention to some of the other books in the series. I still have the hugest crush on Prince Caspian, but even more than that, The Magician's Nephew would really be a freaky film.

Oh, ha. Side note. So, I sat next to this maybe 10 yr old boy in the theater. Watching the pre-movie barrage of stuff, I had to laugh: a picture of a credit union flashed on the screen, and I thought I wonder what "cfe" means. He turned to his friend and said, "But, what does "cfe" mean?" Then some music started playing, and I thought man, I wish I could play the horn like that. He bounced in his seat and said, "Oh! I want to be able to play jazz trumpet like that!" Hee! And at Aslan's great sacrifice scene, he let out a sudden piercing giggle, and then covered his mouth and gave me a horrified look.

Yes, it's true, I still have the sensibilities of a 10 yr old boy. Is most disturbing, but not surprising or unknown, I think.

What else? Oh. Ghost hunting = strange stuff, but I must be discreet and leave it at that. JC's message about the Billboard ad, awwwww. When he says he puts his heart and mind and soul into his music because of stuff like that, the thing is... I think he really means it. Sometimes, I just want to squish him like a big cuddly bug, I love him so much. Or, maybe that's gross? Uh.
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