silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Merry Christmas, everybody! I'm a day late, I know, but today's my day to celebrate, since I had to work Saturday and Sunday. I'm having a nice day! Malcolm hanging out behind me in the chair, presents waiting for me after dinner tonight, a big bunch of wonderful stories to read... and my story, mine! *hugs story*

Fortune Favors the Brave

Ahahaha! I love it. Thank you so much. That episode of Buffy is my favorite; did you know that? Or was it happy chance? I'm going to feed you, too, in case you don't see this, but so much fun! And hot, and the Chris and JC love is so obvious in this story, it did my heart good. I really like how you play with Chris being so perceptive and hearing nuances in everyone's speech, especially JC's, and yet needing absolute silence to really connect with JC. And the way he talks more and more, talks a blue streak right up until the moment he opens the box but says none of the right words, that was really well done. And all the little details! Chris playing with the drops in the sprinkler, JC saying heebie jeebies and immediately thinking of Buffy when Chris suggests the internets, and how easy it was to fall into a companionable silence with JC, of course. Very nice. Merry Christmas to me!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go read and read and read and read and read. Bliss!
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