silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yay, dwnoga!

I thought I might say a thing or two about every Nsync story. Ha! We'll see how long that lasts. But for now, some stories that struck me.

(Uh. I should add that I haven't pulled any punches. So anyone who wants the happy shiny holiday recs should maybe not read here.)

Mother is the Name for God

I like this very much, although I don't really get what it's saying about faith and trust and hope. That feels like my lack, somehow, like everything's in there and there's a right feeling to the characterizations, so I look forward to reading it again. Going to guess synecdochic, for the themes, although the writing is sparer than hers normally is... I suck at guessing, I admit it. But I love it so.

in tension that is

Loooove. Fever dreams, hurt/comfort, wings, mmmmm. And all done in such a beautiful style... even if I didn't already know who wrote this one, the style gives it away, I think.


Ahahaha! This story is the hit of dwnoga, in some ways. A joke story, a one liner one-off that shouldn't work, but does, because Justin and JC are so lovingly rendered. Justin's a bit too freaked out, I think, kind of humorless and cranky and avoidant, and the set-up is implausible, because they sport fuck for eight years?? and JC can't think of a way to approach Justin in all that time?... but the hotness and sheer wtf-ness of the concept wash all that away. turps33, or maybe nopseud.

Hard to Say I'm Sorry: A film about *NSync

One of my favorites. Excellent banter. I have to agree with bossymarmalade that Joey steals this story. "The thumbs-up of infinite neutrality," hee! This story is Justin the way I hope he is now, still silly and hopeful and open. giddygeek, perhaps?

A Cable Car Named Desire

Ahh. James Ellroy-esque. Very well-played, but fraught with message and plot-secondary. In fact, the actual events of the story get lost at the end and I wonder if the writer got stuck for time. I love the voice, love the evocation of a time and place, and it's so nice to see an established relationship, particularly so in the context of this piece. But so heavy-handed, so concerned with set up and exposition, that the story ended up not working for me. Would dearly love to see this reworked with a lighter touch.

PR139612: The Case of the White Rose Bandit

This story has the single hottest sex scene I have read in so long omg. THANK YOU, SANTA. That being said, uh... the story kind of goes on. I felt like I got all of the research notes with this one. Also, predictable, although I suppose that's missing the point. Filled with lovely smrtness, and a JC and Justin I can dig. I'll read this one again, and happily.

A Girl and His Dog

Great idea! Well thought out. :)

Still, the story is filled with chewy exposition, so that the reader is set at a remove throughout. We're told everything Lance and Chris and Lily and Busta do, not shown, not allowed to develop each scene in our minds. Is too bad, because it makes for a slow read, in a story that should be filled with tingly weirdness.

Oh, the (Daytime) Drama

Ahhhhhh. Much as I'm shocked to say it about a Joey/Justin story (*gasp*), this one fills me with glee.

Here's to the good crack. May it last a long time!


Simple, evocative, pinpoint characterizations. If all AUs were like this I wouldn't mind them as much. Just the right details to settle you into the time and place, and the last line kind of broke my heart and made me happy all at the same time. One of the best Lance going to space stories ever.

Okay, more for later!

...everybody's read the care bear story, right?
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