silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Train my cats to hunt hamsters.

Get your resolution here

I'll have to get some hamsters, then!

More fun with dwnoga:

All I Want is You This Christmas

I'll let this phrase from the story speak for the whole: "After the obligatory kissing." It's clear a lot of effort went into this, but the story is just kind of blah. Characterizations uninspired, phrasing choppy, much filler.

A Wonderful Equation

Math, always a good time. I couldn't read this, however, because the grammar and punctuation burned my eyeballs out.


Justin, Cameron, Chris, predictable. This story reads like a wish fulfillment. Might have worked better if we'd had some clues about Justin's motivations, particularly in the middle sections, even if those motivations were no more than "Cameron=fabulous, I miss Chris, Fucked up now." Also, erm. Cameron Diaz doesn't know who Chris Kirkpatrick is? Implausible, reads like a demonizing tactic. Is too bad.

Where There's Life, There's Hope, or Young Doctor Timberlake

Fun story, good characterizations, accurate medical stuff, red hot sex, lousy title. Also, Chris Kirkpatrick can be my nurse manager ANY DAY.

Maine County

Lovely outline for a longer story. Exposition-plus. Ultimately a story based on fanon, with the obligatory Chris-afraid-of-heights move, but the characters and scenario have a real tinge to them so it works.

Rhymes With Moon

Well written, and I love that Justin and Chris play around with silly songs. The piece doesn't quite come together for me, though. It's got a bittersweet feel to it, but why? In the end, we're not given enough clues to make this scene on the beach a coherent story, a statement about Justin and Chris, or just Chris, or the moon. Feels like the progression of they-have-sex-the-end isn't the actual end.

Dear Santa

Very cute. Sketchy. Doesn't seem to bother JC that Chris seemingly wants Justin. Huh.

Everything In Its Place

What a fun romp! Love JC in this. And it's sexaaay.

Moving Ever On

Interesting. Nsync as media fandom. This story reads like a, what would you call it, post-ep? Inter-ep? --kind of thing, the likes of which I haven't seen since my days in Xfiles. Having MTT running through my head as I read the story made it a lot more vivid than it maybe warranted. Must have been a whole lot of fun to write.

Okay, more later. I have to take the cat to the vet. Poor creature, he's got some kind of URI, weepy eyes, warm nose, sneezing like a banshee, the whole deal. Got me square in the face with a big juicy one the other day, so now I have cat cooties, I'm sure. 'Sfine with me. Gives me an excuse to call in sick tomorrow. Don't tell!
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