silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Mal and I are hanging out, watching some glossy black red-wattled ducks rooting around in the weeds by the lake, drinking champagne. My, that was a grammatically problematical sentence, wasn't it? I am drinking champagne, not the turkey-necked ducks. Mal isn't drinking, either. He's helping me clean up after my grommeting project this afternoon, very diligently pushing all the leftover grommets and the wrong sized grommets and the inadvertantly crushed grommets off the dining room table, because apparently they all belong on the floor. Okay! Better him than me. I hate cleaning up.

He is feeling much better. He was never really sick, but now I see the difference, because this morning he woke me up with song and galloping, which was very nice. I rewarded him by giving him his pill and his eyedrops, which he loves. Soon he gets to go visit that nice Dr Martin again, but hopefully he won't bite him on the finger like last time. Dr Martin, not Mal. Ahahahaha! Okay. Dr Martin explained to me very carefully that antibiotics are for infections, which Mal has, but he didn't know I am a nurse. He also gave me the old fisheye when I assured him Mal and I would have no trouble with the pills every morning, and we haven't! Although I did find myself wishing I'd remembered the electrical tape, that last time at Wal Mart.

Heh. I'm just kidding, LJ. Bungee cords work much better! Nurses know these things!

All right, let's have a writing round up, shall we?

This year I wrote 49587902 7 stories. Seven? Huh. I also have 7 49587902 wips, in varying stages of despair. Most popular was probably in the heart, a little house, for the JuC story swap thingy. Least popular is my dwnoga story, which brings me surprisingly little woe. That's because perversely it's also my favorite story from last year, but only time will tell whether that's just defiance and denial on my part. Hee! Or maybe proximity in time to the writing process, which I really enjoyed this year. Hmm.

I also managed to lose a beta, which was v. sad, and to find some new approaches to the beta process myself, although you maybe can't tell from my dwnoga posts. But that's because it's still this year! Next year I resolve to be much nicer! Well, I thought I might give it a test flight, anyhow. We'll see. Being nice is much less fun. Me and myself might have to compromise on that one.

Yup! That's it.

Now I'm going to tackle the grommets again, never mind, and then I suppose, dinner. The guys from downstairs have been shooting off fireworks randomly all day, so I know there'll be a concert later tonight. Yay, 2006! 2005 wasn't bad at all, but I always love the new year, new beginnings, all that. Next year, I resolve to:

Start up a yoga class.
Pass my oncology cert.
Survive my first year of grad school (I don't think that's asking too much).
Write popslash.

Can do! Twelve months, plenty of time. :)

Happy New Year, LJ!
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