silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Grr, back to work. Our little unit was closed over the long stretch of holidays, so no doubt today we will get six admits and I will have to be cranky. It's a burden, I tell you.

hederahelix wrote my dwnoga story, Fortune Favors the Brave, and I reread it going for the link just now (Late to work? Oh, well!) and I'm still so pleased. I love how in this fandom you can ask for supernatural themes and people just dive right in!

I wrote The Way of the World for joyfulseeker, because she wanted ambiguous-maybe-some-angst-hopeful-ending timbertrick, which is my favorite kind, too. I just reread that one, too, and I'm still really happy with it. So perverse! What're ya gonna do.

As for what I want to write next year... lord, anything. I'll be happy to have time to write at all.

Any NYE pictures of the guys surfacing yet?
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