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My wonderful sister and bro-in-law gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas, which means the mailman will be cursing my name. He gets to cart around every record the White Stripes ever made. Ha HA. I don't care.

University orientation was boring, but nursing school orientation was humbling and scary. Also reassuring, perversely. I'll be working my ass off this semester, but the faculty seem approachable, knowledgeable, and funny, at least the ones I met.

Classes start next week. I have started reading already. SO WRONG. But the pathophysiology book is this thick [<-------------------------------------------------------------->] and way detailed, and I am paranoid. No longer will it be sufficient to know that SIADH results in fluid retention and dilutional hyponatremia with increased urine sodium, I have to know why all those things happen, and actually remember it this time. Also, I'm taking a research course, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I can't even talk about it without putting my head down on the desk. Two 20 pp papers for that one. Also, a health promotion course, also hated. Livejournal, you know you should quit smoking and do your breast exams, right? Right. There, I'm done. Where's my A?

I start my new job the week after next. I have a desk calendar now, and a desk. Hahahahaha! That's crazy. ♥ ♥

What else? Saw Harry Potter, loved it, much disturbed by Rupert Grint's arms. Harry and Ron, so doing it. Everybody who was not the trio, Neville, or Dumbledore had no characterization at all. The new Dumbledore is not as lovably serene and eccentric as the old, but he fits the story better. WANT MORE SNAPE.That about sums it up, I think.

Okay, the ghost hunting thing.

So, these folks emailed the website of this organization I joined for a lark many months ago and promptly forgot about. They are in my area, so when the general email from the website admin went out, I thought what the heck, and offered my help. Apparently, the whole family including the kids were seeing things out of the corner of their eyes and hearing whispering, and stuff was being moved about in their home. The younger kids were starting to play and chat with an "invisible friend," and mom and dad were freaking out.

So me and this guy went over for an initial interview, and despite my never having done a thing like this in my life, I got to present myself as some kind of an "expert" in the paranormal field and ask a bunch of questions. It was kind of hilarious, and reminded me of the early days of my nursing career, when I knew I was an imposter but my patients didn't, so in the end it didn't matter. We had a great interview and the site admin agreed that enough weird questionable stuff was happening that we'd do a more formal scientific evaluation.

Let me tell you, it was nothing like the tv show. I had a little handheld digital recorder, which I kept whipping around in my hand so my recording has occasional random "fwhup fwhup fwhup" sounds on it not at all related to ghosts. Ahahaha! Luckily, my partner (the same guy who went to the interview, since he lives in the area and this organization covers all of Florida, but does not have cool roto-rooter vans to drive around in like the show) has a bunch of stuff like a DVR and an infrared thermometer. We went and hung out at the apartment again, and I said, "Is anyone here listening to me? Can you show us a sign of your presence?" about 900 times, which was very entertaining. Then we just sat and waited, and chatted a bit, me and the husband, while my partner took 87459037 pictures of the walls and the floor and us. Nothing much happened, but it was kind of cool because it could have. I'm easy like that.

Now, in our conversation, the husband started talking about the movie Emily Rose (or whatever it is, haven't seen it) but I wasn't sure what he was talking about, so I said, "The Exorcist?" He corrected me and started explaining how he didn't even want those kinds of movies, movies about demonic possession, in his house, because he didn't want anyone getting any ideas. He was referring to his family, you know, didn't want to freak anybody out, considering what was happening to them.

On all three sound recordings we did, you can hear a whisper that is not me or the husband (or my partner, who didn't talk much during the whole thing), saying "What?" after I said, "The Exorcist," and saying, "What ideas?" after the husband spoke of that. It sounds like a man's voice, but who knows. The decibel level is higher, stronger, than either my voice or the husband's on the recording, despite the fact that it's a whisper.

About fifteen minutes before that point in the conversation, my partner's thermometer had registered a ten degree drop in the ambient room temperature. No AC going, and the temp outside was higher than inside. No wind.

Weird stuff! Completely inconclusive and essentially meaningless! But way, way cool.

The site admin then arranged to have a self-proclaimed psychic contact the family, but didn't tell her anything about the case. She ended up asking the husband about a friend of his who'd died, and referred to this friend by name. According to her, the friend is trying to get the husband's attention, and occurrances in the apartment are a result of his attempts to communicate.

Total cold-call con game? Maybe. But the point for me is that the family are very satisfied with the results of the investigation and with the call from the psychic, because now they feel they know something about their situation. That in itself will reduce their fear and stress, and if they've been working themselves up and convincing themselves and each other of things that aren't really happening, well... so what? They got the results they want and need, including validation and some information from the psychic about how to tell the "spirit" to move on and to protect themselves in the future, and in the end I feel like it was a good intervention, even if I still don't know whether I believe a thing about it. Ahahaha! This whole experience has been really, um. Post modern? For me. Kinda lovely, in that.

Still, weird, that voice on the recordings. Not gonna convince a skeptic, but it gives me a delicious chill.

And, of course:

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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