silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,


JC the pliant, clingy, affectionate kitty who loves to be petted, total fanon? Any canonicity to the idea he's a touchy-feely guy when there're no cameras around?

(Btw, how much do I hate the word "pliant" with regard to JC? So very many much. He's not a drunk 15 year old girl, a tree swaying in the wind, or silly putty. Although sometimes I wonder.)

I have to go get my hair cut, and decide whether I want to go to Dr A's going away party. Problematical, for I hate work-related parties, and saying goodbye. Dr A and his p.a. are both leaving, and frankly they made the unit tolerable. Ai.

Yay, withdiamonds is coming to visit! I imagine we will drink sake, and perhaps even go to Disney. That's just a wild guess, though. :P
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