silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Spending an enjoyable morning fucking around, of which there will be little starting, oh, tomorrow. Sure. I wrote a note to my discussion group in nursing research summarizing the orientation since 90% of the group didn't show, and proposed ways of handling the housekeeping details of the group. Dudes, I'm almost always the organizer in these group extravaganzas, because such is the nature of my paranoia that COME ON COME ON LET'S JUST DO THIS, GOD. Hee! Seriously, I ain't one to sit back and look around, waiting for someone to step up. And I wrote a similar note to my nursing manager and soon-to-be-co-educators, because I'm starting this job next week and nobody seems to know what my schedule is, or who's training me, or what's going on. Oh, they will rue the day they hired me for this. My fist is of IRON. Luckily, I'm extremely lazy, or me and Lance would RULE THE WORLD.

Okay, enough caps, and that seems like a pretty good segue. Lance, oh Lance. You're my brand new favorite like you never have been, not even in the beginning of my nsync love, when I was all who's that freaky pale girl with the eyes? Lance, that was the #1 best way you could have broken the news, I think, casual and way ahead of time like that, and I love that you went back to your post and added the little blurb about NSYNC ANY MINUTE NOW, because more than anything else it shows you really do care about the fans. You're totally in, totally, when we arrange this Disney World Fan Extravaganza this summer. Hell, I'll friend you just so I can invite you. Mwah.

I'd invite Chris, but word on the streets has it that he never responds to his fans anyway, the bastard, without whom he wouldn't have a career, ya know, buddy. Bwah!! Except... he does. He just doesn't respond to the clearly psycho ones. God knows why. I love the nada wank with all my heart, and I have this picture of Chris loading up myspace every day and crowing and pointing and calling his friends over to look. But anyway.

As for no more Challenge, well. I'm not that hurt. withdiamonds and I have been talking about this possibility since before last Challenge, and I feel sure some fabulous fandom organizers will step up and put together an Event for all of us, and I say we let Melinda and the Monkeys know and invite all the guys to come, YES, ALL OF THEM, jesus, what are you, 12?? And they won't, but maybe some of them will. Karaoke in Scotland at Epcot with Chris and Joey, omg? I am so there.

eta: Bitchy Lance!! Even more love! Life is good.
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