silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I always have the best luck when things go wrong. For example: my car's distributor decided to go out yesterday, but it did it right near the university, right outside a garage. Ahaha. I coasted into the repair place, goosing the gas so the car wouldn't die again, and left the car with the mechanic while I walked the block to class. Then after class I strolled back to pick it up, noticing a greek restaurant and a yoga place on the way, and drove on home. Easiest $700 I ever spent.


Seriously, though, it's a kind of hopeful pessimism. I know shit happens in life, but you know, it always seems to go wrong in the most convenient way. I'm okay with that.

School's gonna be easy, actually, just a lot of hoop jumping. So far I've relearned oxidative phosphorylation, which I'm not sure I needed to know in the first place, and realized that I'm not going to be buying all 957829 books on the suggested list, because who has time? Turns out the research final is a ten pp paper, no prob. I've written stories longer than that. Not many, but, you know. And in Health promotion, she wants us to assess our own physical fitness for the exam, so that's certainly doable, if disheartening. I can manage this semester, I think. Now, if JC will cooperate and tour during Spring Break, I'm in.

As for SparklyCon 2006, Ijust can't get into the idea of Vegas. I'm trying. I guess the question is, are we just a random group of friends getting together to party, or do we have a sparkly focus? 'Cause if that's the case, I'm gonna have to go with marrymehowie and others who've pointed out the reason withdiamonds and I were pimping Orlando in the first place: roots. Also, excellent stalking hotels. Ahahahaha!

Off to an eight hour class on pediatric oncology at work. Feh. Work is so interfering with my hoop jumping. This may be a problem.
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