silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ahaha. My co-educator on the unit is named Mary, too. My boss informed me today she's just going to call me "C" from now on.

I go to meetings all day. I do what I want, and leave when I want, and when I told my boss I was going to take some days in Feb for Donna's visit, she said, "Whatever. Just let me know what your schedule will be." I get to hear all the unit gossip, and all the hospital gossip, and omg, there's some juicy stuff. I had no idea. I took an hour for lunch today. Dr E said hi to me.

I'll try not to get used to it.

So bad about answering comments! But I am averaging about 75% on my certification practice exams, so all is not lost. It's not like the test is next week or anything.


Bye, Wilson Pickett. Damn.
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