silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dear friendslist,

I love you all dearly. Well, some of you. The rest, a hearty handshake. But if you spoil me for Project Runway one more time, I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD.

love xo,


p.s., Seriously, god made the cut tag just for you, because you are a special flower. USE IT.

Apologies for the crankiness. All will be well just as soon as this certification exam is done, unless I think of another excuse. It's not you, friendslist, it's me. I just deleted much nastiness about SGA, Supernatural, and just about everything else on TV these days. Apparently, I hate everything and begrudge others their love, and in the interests of not turning into one giant throbbing example of that meme where you righteously declare everything you've never seen and never will haHA so there, I'm going to go write some essays. Especially since as soon as I get over myself I'll probably do that other really annoying thing and repudiate everything I once held dear for the sake of something I once pooh-poohed. I can see it coming.

Oh, man. The vitriol. Hee! There, all better. Breathe in Jesus, breathe out Satan, as they say. yeah, today I'm writing two essays for nursing research, an online class in which the professor is nothing more than an assignment maker-and-grader. Thus, all our so-called discussion is nothing more than a bunch of posts telling each other, "IAWTC!!!1!" I think the prof thinks that because we are grad students now, we should have the ability to direct our own discourse, and I agree, we should... but that's a learned behavior, and the way to teach it is to guide and moderate discussion, not just sit back while the splooge flies.

Is most frustrating. We read texts, 9/10 of us say, "Omg I loved this!" only with worse punctuation, and then we move on... what have we learned? Where have we gotten? I swear, most of the nurses I know are so oriented to taking orders and absorbing facts that they don't want to analyze anything. To them, "text" = "collection of facts I need to learn," like pharmacology, or nursing skills, or physiology. I come from a different background. Text without analysis is at the heart of brainwashing! How will you ever get anywhere, see what works and what doesn't about a thesis, unless you hash it out amongst yourselves? Attica! Attica! Roswell!

It's especially frustrating because we are reading about the nature of nursing scholarship right now, trying to get a sense of what that looks like, and this kind of meta commentary would fit right in with that. But, heh. When I tried to express some of that (tentatively, first week of school and all), I got shut down. No, not told off... it was the classic No Response To My Post tactic. Dude! Not even an IAWTC. I'm so sad. The teacher, of course, said nothing.

Idiots. Also, Kavanaugh was right.
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