silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

SGA: The Tower

(Is that the title? Uh.) Dudes! I so wanted the Grand Poobah of the Tower to turn out to be... a wraith. Ahahaha! But alas.

I did love the idea of the buried city. Like, another Atlantis, settled and grown over on this random planet, that's the most exciting thing to find ever! They could have done so much with that! Sheppard in the Chair, showing 'em how it's done, the city actually rising up rather than that being dismissed right away, some speculation about how the cities move about and end up where they do... instead we get Sheppard doing his best Captain Kirk. Is too bad.

The effects of the Culling on evolution of societies, anyone written that paper yet? Because I want to read it. Seems there's two results: noble downtrodden agrarians, or, or... 1930's Germany. Something like that. I'm sure this stems from SGA's assumption that every society in the universe is essentially the same at heart (with small surfacey differences, like other colored weavings and maybe the yam-things are garlicky here, you know), so of course all societies rise and grow or stagnate and fall in the same way.

But, you know, I haven't kept up with the eps as well as I should. Seems like all SGA societies are monocultural and look like this:

downtrodden (by the wraith, or by "protectors"), or
rebelling secretly, in which case they're
noble about it, or
fascistic and scummy

Yes? No? Sperrywink, I know you have something to say. Are there other options, even?

Am very frustrated. Prof #1, still missing. No answers to requests for help. Much floundering, much screaming and gnashing of teeth on the discussion boards. Kind of funny, actually.

Prof #2 showed up the other day, finally. The reason she's been missing for two weeks (which she described as "one week"): Sinus headache. DUDE. I so want to be able to abdicate my every responsibility for two weeks because I have a headache. Perhaps I'll try that for the final.

Also, she wants to take the assignment format for an assignment half of us have finished already and change it completely. I just wrote her a very polite and friendly email, in which (among other things) I expressed the sentiment that I hoped the current weather wouldn't aggravate her sinuses. Ahahahaha. I'm so failing this class.

Now I have to go and read four articles and say something about them, when all I really want to do is figure out why Chris wouldn't want to watch JC touch himself.
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