silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning! Thanks for the virtual chocolates, Somebody, that was a nice surprise.

I am going insane, but slowly enough that I think I'm adjusting to it. Worked 45 hours last week and did the school thing in my free time, which mainly occurs around 3 am. My boss volunteered me to present at our hospital-wide collaborative practice dealie, which caused some angst when I laughed at her and said "nice try." Now she's scrambling to cover her butt with the vp in charge of med/surg, and clearly I have no future in administration, but I guess that'll teach her... at least, it'll teach her not to forward me the emails in which she puts me on the agenda without asking me first. Ahahaha! Man.

Extra-added fun: JCAHO is coming soon. Whee! For those of you unfamiliar, JCAHO is the national accreditation group for health care facilities, also known as Satan's Minions. This time out they're aiming the torture at floor staff. Reportedly, they're going to pick one lucky nurse, lock her in a glaring room, and beat her to death with one of her charts. Or so it is whispered in the breakroom, with nervous glances up at the ceiling and out the windows. Actually, I believe what they're really going to do is to ask her 9 million questions about hospital policy and direct patient care, which is maybe worse. I know I'm going to be calling in sick for the next 6 weeks. Otherwise, although I won't get targeted by the marauding bands of JCAHO inspectors, I will have to teach everybody all the stuff they were supposed to know already, like our Key Performance Indicatzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lord. We're doomed.

Curtain Call?? Oh, dear. What an unfortunate title. Luckily, I have no time for challenges right now.

eta: No, you know what? Fuck it. That challenge title may suck big hurtful rocks, but just, fuck it. I'm signing up, because it's not about her, it's about popslash, which I love to read and write. Yay!

I can write this story in snippets at about 4 am. Will work out jussssst fine.
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