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This one I like.

In other news, I so wish I'd named my cat Cartman. That way, when he's gallumphing around the house and crashing into things and falling off of things, for he is a clodhopper, I could sing out, "MOMMY LOVES YOU, POOPYDOO."

Well, I already do, but I'm just saying.

Still more news: Decide to Break, strong sharp slices of trickC, and this, a cool demon and a clumsy hunter, absolutely beautiful. Read and feed, feed and read.

And at last, Donna will be here the day after tomorrow! I've been waiting for this all my life! Feels like.

Welp, off to school. I have to undergo a physical fitness assessment today, required for my health promotion class. GOD. To top that off, I had to have a lipid panel drawn, so that today my perky 22 yr old fitness torturer ("Edgar") can look at the results and tell me to stop eating Whoppers three times a week. SHAH, EDGAR. YOU HAVE YOUR WORK CUT OUT FOR YOU, MY FRIEND.

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