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roller-coaster ridin', baby

Thoughts for this morning:

1. When pierson talks about her evil patients, my eyes scrunch up in sympathy and I'm sure I have a pained look on my face... even though my day didn't suck in that particular way yesterday. I have a theory that most people have no model for hospital stays, since most of us never experience them or do so rarely. So the closest thing they have to compare a hospital stay to is a trip to a restaurant. The sense that we're a service industry is pervasive and, really, apt in some ways. But there are ways that a hospital stay is NOT like sitting down to dinner at Chili's. For example, hospitals are not "first come-first served." I.e., sir, I know you've been here for hours and I let that other lady into the ER first. But she's having chest pains. And YOU have had this cough for two weeks. Yes, sir, I'm sure the service here is terrible. Guess I won't be getting that 11% tip after all... Oh! Guess I don't have to worry about that tip. Isn't that something. And ma'am? Just because your family member wants something doesn't mean he gets it. Yes, I know he wants to walk around a little. I don't blame him. It's boring in here. But he has a blood clot in his leg and MAY DIE if it comes loose and goes to his lungs. What's that you say, ma'am? But he really wants to walk? OH, well, why didn't you say so? He WANTS to. By all means then. [This actually happened Saturday. I shake my head.]

Hee. /rant, I promise. pierson's nursing posts get me all fired up.

2. How much do I love the pictures of birthday!Chris looking like he got dragged through the dirt? THIS MUCH. My god, that is so him. I imagine he was cheating or being relentlessly annoying and Joey and Lance ganged up and one took the head and one took the feet and Wham!! Faceplant. Either that or he just saw a likely dirt hole and flung himself into it. Either seems possible.

3. I was in a patient's room, hitting her up with morphine, when a familiar face came on her tv. And I remembered I'd forgotten to set my vcr for JC. Dammit. But the brief glimpse I got of his gorgeous face really added to my day, and the snort-laugh I had at my own expense when my outburst of "JC Chasez!! From nsync?" was met with a look of complete whatever from her and her teenage daughters was kinda cleansing. In a retarded way. Funny. Come to think of it, it was her and her daughters and her tv and her whatever last week, too, when the Beastie Boys came on. Hmm. Maybe it's not me.

4. Today, I write. JC and Chris seem determined to get drunk and stay that way. Well, who am I to deny them anything.... as in, I have no control over them anyhow. Just, no barfing, guys. Got enough of that yesterday.

Not a new thought, for me or anybody prob., but drunk!JC. Mmmmm. Pretty pictures in my head.

eta: can't spell when I'm ranting. Bibble when I talk, too. There goes the career in politics, I guess.

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