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Livejournal, I come to you asking for help. After 7 weeks, the missing instructor returneth. Here is what she has to say:

The instructions regarding the 9 questions in week 5 seemed to really throw a lot of you for a loop. It will be interesting to see how each group handled it. The point is everyone needed to respond to 2 questions and question 9. If a group had more than 4 members there would need to be some questions that were responded to by more than one student.

What would a group of civically responsible folks trying to achieve the goal of completing a task together do? Look at what your group did and see what you can learn about group process.

Another interesting result of week 5 activity was the complaint by some students that the Sullivan article was just too long to be assigned. One student even suggested I need to tell you exactly which parts you should study. I was intrigued with this view. After you complete your graduate study, who will tell you what is important and where to direct your attention as a professional advanced practice nurse?

I will have a cup of tension tamer herbal tea and continue reading. First I want to tell you a little about the conference I attended today....

Livejournal, I am livid. We gave her tension? We are an interesting sociological experiment of some kind? Fuuuuuck that. The Sullivan article, assigned for one week's reading along with three other pieces, was 250 pp long. OMG, fuck that.

Here is my answer. I'm waiting to post until tomorrow, because I can't tell right now if it's completely over-the-top-pissed-off (that is one word, I believe, especially when spit out between clenched teeth). I have to treat her with respect, if for no other reason than to show her how it's done. But my god, I want to smite her like a fandom drama queen.

Yes. Please advise, livejournal. How can I make this more appropriate? Keep in mind that I will be posting my response to a public forum, i.e., the whole class:

Dr H., we are here in grad school to learn how to determine "what is important and where to direct [our] attention as... professional advanced practice nurse[s]." I believe the uncertainty you saw in many of us regarding assignment requirements was the compounded result of 7 weeks of no feedback on our work, and very few responses to email and discussion queries. As an adult professional trying hard to learn a new role, I'm resistant to being chided as you have done in this post. Urging us to review our own behavior over the last few weeks for examples of scholarly responsibility is actually very interesting and useful, but I would ask: how have you modeled that for us?

This is version number 9094, btw. The first 9093 were much with the snark. At one point, I invited her to join the class so we could all have some tea. Ahahaha!!

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