silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I mean, oh shit.

So, I ended up wording it this way:

Dr H., we are here in grad school to learn how to determine "what is important and where to direct [our] attention as... professional advanced practice nurse[s]." As you know, guidance from a knowledgeable and credible source can be key in the learning process, and we often learn by seeing behaviors modeled. I believe the uncertainty you saw in many of us regarding assignment requirements was the compounded result of 7 weeks of no feedback on our work, and very few responses to email and discussion queries. I considered the possibility that your distance was a pedagogical technique for encouraging us to develop our own discourse, but as an adult professional trying hard to learn a new role, I'm resistant to being chided as you have done in this post. I'm sure we will all gladly take the opportunity to review our behavior for examples of scholarly responsibility; however, as your students, we deserve the courtesy of your involvement in our learning process, as well.

Her response:

Ms Collins,
Unlike you, I am thrilled with your chiding of my action/inaction. I am always impressed with anyone who can spell pedagogical. However, if you have some specific criticism I would be happy to meet with you in my office. Course mail me to set up an appointment. I believe this would be a more professional course than cat fighting in a public forum like this discussion.
Dr H.

Isn't that something.

So I just sent:

Dr. H.,

I intended no cat fighting at all, but a professionally worded and specific (if confrontational) response to the tone and intention I perceived in your post. It's disappointing to get no feedback to many weeks' worth of work submitted and emails sent, and then to be told that we are failing somehow as responsible scholars. My criticism is valid, and I'm sorry you won't address it in class, if only to explain why I am wrong.


I'm SO FAILING THIS CLASS. At the same time, I've just been asked to apply for a Provost's Fellowship, which will allow me to quit my job next year to go to school. Huh. Funny old world.

Also, I skimmed this meme a little bit, but it turns out I only know like two of the authors. And one of them I only know because she's a premiere Fandom_Wanker. Too bad.
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