silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I just don't understand. Mal's favorite thing in the world right now is to dunk his little felt toy into his water bowl until it's soaking wet, then bring it over and set it gently on my foot. Then he scampers away happily while I'm screeching. He's done this to me like three times now. WHY.

Today I have to write an essay, due tomorrow, on what I'm going to do with my advanced degree to help my community. Based on this essay, I and three others will be chosen from a pool of twenty, to get tuition and a stipend of $10,000 for our next year of school. So, like, no pressure, but even so I can't come up with a thing other than "Cancer sucks for people, and I'd like to try to make it suck less." I suppose I could be more specific. But, you know, mid-semester malaise right now. Heavy sighs all around.

Watched the Project Runway Reunion. OMG DANIEL V. I'LL BE YOUR 20%. God. It's the nose, I think. And his kindness when he comforted Marla after watching the tape of the other designers shredding her. He's just so nice. It's strange. Other than that, um... was Guadalupe wasted? I hope so. Otherwise, I fear for her. Santino... Santino, Santino. I can't quite hate you, although God knows I try. You will come away from this learning the most about yourself, I think. Daniel Franco, what a freak. Yet somehow, I agree with everything he says, and so do the other designers, really. They should bring him back next season omg! That would be hilarious. Every season, Daniel Franco. Fucking awesome.

I love this show.

Have spent today reading JuC and drabbling unsuccessfully, but happily. Hey, no wonder I can't get that Fellowship essay going! My idea of fellowship is kind of... pointed in other directions right now. Uh.

Oh, yeah. I have another response from the Evil Professor, but I'm in such a relaxed, zen state right now that I haven't read it. Plus, the evilness of making her wait for a response is pleasing me so much. Ha HAA.

Back to the drabbles! Damn, I've forgotten how to write.
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