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Paper outline, so stupid. I'm wasting time constructing an outline for a paper I could just be writing. Plus, I don't do outlines. I prefer my papers to flow organically from the holistic impressions I have of my topic and sources, preferably about two hours before the assignment's due. Plus plus, so repetitive. It's a problem with a problem statement and a background and justifications and severity and it answers the so what question and I'm getting whiplash just coding these italics, so I can only imagine what it's like for y'all to read. My apologies.

JC, god. No one can keep their hands off him, can they? Isaac is so annoying, and he certainly doesn't need any guests to distract him from his essential topic, Isaac, but once in a while he gets it right. That moment when he said, "I keep touching you," and JC said, "That's okay," and they looked at each other... after an interview filled with JC obviously somewhere else in his head, and body language that screamed PERSONAL BUBBLE, BITCH, that moment was just delightful. I can't stand Isaac, but I watch, it's so weird. He's obviously where he is for a reason.

Isn't it funny how designers are so egotistical and flamboyant and sharp? It's, like, this Darwinian development, this survival technique that says more about the business than the individual designers. Which is, you know, also why I'm loving the running commentary on Project Runway this season, about why it really is okay to be nice. It's so... you know, good luck with all that! I really do wish you well, from the depths of my own personal meanness and self-dislike, because a world like that, awesome. Ten thumbs up.

Sopping wet cat toy in my lap. heeheeheeGODDAMMIT
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