silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Paper: done. Eggsellent. Also, an idea I can actually use to change nursing practice on my unit, a good thing.

Bed now. Book of Secrets. Then tomorrow I have to shadow a traveler from Pittsburgh (She knows Lar, Donna! Ahahaha! Says, "Dr J. is very quiet, but everybody likes him." Huh), who spent most of her last shift crying. I feel sorry for the travelers, because they're supposed to get ONE DAY to orient on our unit, before we give them a full patient load. I gave her two... but the first day we were in a JCAHO frenzy, and the second Mrs. N coded and had to go to ICU. In a code, shit flies through the air and NOBODY gets their normal routine. So, shadowing, and I'll watch everything she does by her own request, as she is terrified, and hopefully we can have a nice quiet day, so she can settle in and get oriented to the place and be happy.

HA HA HA HA HA. Whew. I wish her well.

Then tomorrow night: more homework. Project Runway (hope it's on again). Answer to Dr H's email... yeah, I finally had enough zen to read it. She basically said I was discourteous and unprofessional and, above all, NEW, and that's just not the way they did things in grad school.

Really? Huh. Reckon they should, though. They did when I went before, but of course that was the english department and live classes. I shall think this answer through carefully. What's a good way to institute change in another person? Yelling, screaming, mocking, tears? Yeah, I don't know. Hmm.
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