silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Naughty illicit posting from work. I have the burning need to express myself on this issue:

Dear JC,

I don't care if you are bad in bed, I'd still do you. But if you call me "mommy" even once, I will laugh at you.



p.s. you should be used to that from all the fumbling around with Chris, though. Yes?

p.p.s. yeah, the mirrors, the sexy talking, no matter how cheesy? hot. SHUT UP.

Uh, so. My last entry, with the concert review? I also have the burning need to clarify that I wrote that review six years ago. I was a lot more *waves hands around* back then. I'm MUCH BETTER NOW. o.0

Okay, back to it. Apparently, this facility will be SHUT DOWN FOREVER if any of the staff have their name badges in the wrong place. Right, I'm on it!! And, AWAY.

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