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Am still on the agenda for that one meeting I said "no" to. Emailed my boss, pointing this out and asking who was really going to give the presentation. Now, I am perfectly willing to give the presentation, and in fact I wrote up a kick-ass summary for the presentation, which is all about practice changes to ensure the timely administration of leucovorin, a rescue drug which must be given EXACTLY when it's supposed to be, or else the methotrexate just kills everything instead of only the bad stuff. I have good ideas! They are my good ideas, and I have them! However, I am also dangerously stubborn, and dammit I said no. This sort of thing just chaps me, man. I hate that.

So, yeah, I'll let you know how the presentation goes. *rolls eyes*

Also, I went to the spca today, to shop for a leetle fren for Malcolm. He needs one, omg. Like I told Donna, when he wants to play now, which is all the @*!$$ time, he just claws my butt through the rungs of my chair and runs away screaming. It was funny THE FIRST TIME. But now my butt looks like I been getting freaky, and as I am technically allergic to cats, it hurts.

[An aside: the first person who says Mal is the cutest cat evar is getting a claw upside the butt. I HAVE POSTAGE STAMPS AND I KNOW HOW TO USE THEM.]

Strangely, there were only about five cats in the whole joint, and they were all over a year old. I didn't ask. I picked out one old bruiser, black silky fur and green eyes, "Smoky." He meowed at me and clawed the livin' heck out of my arm, playing. In fact, the spca girl said OMG you're bleeding!!! and I knew he was the right cat for Mal. *glares at Mal*

But then it occurred to me, an adult cat who doesn't realize already the tenderness of human skin, or care much about it, is likely to be a challenge to train. Mal shreds me, but truthfully he never breaks the skin when he bites, and his scratches are more like pinpricks. He knows how to be a good boy, and mostly he chooses to be.

So I'll keep looking. I don't want to make the wrong decision. Too hard on all of us.

Finally (who said AT LAST, who??), I am writing a JuC story so filled with the crack, I don't know if I can make it work. I'll try. It's either that or do schoolwork or write the remix story, and man, I'm not that desperate.

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