silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I love school. Today as I was walking across campus I crossed paths with a couple of emo goth punk whatever-they-weres, and this one kid was hot kinda, shut up. I can't help the looking, you know. He had a little knit cap and a raggedy t-shirt and a lip stud, the kind where his pimp patch is supposed to be, and jeans a foot too long and one of those belts with all the metal studs on it, and a skateboard. You know, that guy. About 135 lbs, soaking wet? Him. And as he and his friend walked by, he was waving his non-board hand around in the air and saying, "But the x-array is EQUAL to x, dude!!!1!"

Ahahaha! How much do I suck that that seemed like the most lovely disconnect? I don't mind sucking like that, truthfully. Keeps the world funny, and as a wise man said, my soul will have to wait.
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