silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

When they come to break into your car for you, because you decided at the last minute to leave your bag and just bring your credit card into the grocery store, they use little bladder things that they blow up like blood pressure cuffs to crack the door. Very cool! I thought I might get my old cuff out and maybe straighten a wire hanger, to carry around in case this happens again and I'm digging through my pockets and cursing, stranded for three hours after work. And store them where, in the trunk? Mrr. Duck taped to the underside of my car? Yes, where the duplicate car key is supposed to live, only I don't have one. Okay! It's a plan. .............or maybe just call the nice man to come break into my car again, the coolest job in the world. I asked him if he knew how to break into safes, too. He laughed, but didn't answer. Hmm!

Other than that, which wasn't really so bad because it's warm here now and the birds were singing in the trees outside Publix and people were coming and going, interesting to watch, I've had a strange week. Ahhahaha! But yes. My one teacher, the one who's been missing for eight weeks, suddenly showed up the other night and cancelled the paper. Cancelled it! Decided to have an exam instead, based on all the theories we really haven't learned, and we'll have like a day to complete it and that's cool, and it'll be worth 45% of our course grade. Which is also cool, really, because online tests are the bomb. One page open to the test, another page open to the source material, who could fail?

Man, I really hope those are not my famous last words.

And in other news, I seem to be getting a Fellowship for my final year of grad school. Tuition, books, and a blanchingly huge sum of cash, with no obligations or contracts to sign, I only have to finish school and maintain a 3.0 gradepoint average. Done, and DONE. I have to admit I burst into tears when I saw that. Man, there were times in Taos when I didn't know if I'd be on the street tomorrow, or possibly (let us whisper this) in jail. Days really do go by. It's crazy crazy, this life, I'm telling you.

JC + Myspace = Endless slightly uncomfortable entertainment for Mary. Aiieeee, they ate pixie stix 10 years ago, crazy fan girl!! I'm pretty sure JC's not going to be as revealing of himself as CK, though. Chris! I love you! I'd have picked "ninja," dude, even though you'd probably pick "fat and psycho"! Call me! MFEOOMG4EVAAAAARkthxzzz.

Heh. All righty, I have to go write my remix story, now. Or maybe reread Wax's JuC that she refound, because it hurts so good. I don't really think Justin and JC could ever have been that fucked up, or that good of actors in the footage, but she makes it work so well. It's them, at the extreme edges of possibility.

Hmm. Wonder why I love to read the angst so much, but love to write the sweet and cute. Am I a coward??
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