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I haven't been around much lately, have I? Well, so many important things, you know. For example, last night I had to watch this Discovery Channel thing on ants, which was very interesting indeed. The siafu ants of Africa? Legend has it they are used as rough sutures in the field, because their big pinchers don't release, even in death. Sorry, John and Rodney! You understand, I hope. After that, I watched a show about crab fishing in Alaska. I don't know. It was fascinating, though.

And then I just had to watch Mick Jagger's reality thing, because Mick Fucking Jagger. He is charming and odd, and has a sweetness to him with hints of insecurity, especially when he's working with other artists, as he seems to be doing a lot these days. Bono! Lenny! Pete Townsend! Wyclef! Bono is never not hot, of course, although he seemed kind of bored, and Lenny lives in a red lacquered cave in Miami Beach that looks like a nightclub in the morning, kind of glaring and sad and waiting. Not at all comfortable looking, but very cool, I guess. Like, you couldn't just hang out on the couch and chill or anything, because the red walls looked like they were pulsating all the time. Rawr, Lenny.

Plus, you know, that show was an interesting picture of the life, about which I am eternally fascinated. His Majesty the Prince of Wales apologized to Mick for being late to the premiere of a movie Mick produced. It's because he's Mick Fucking Jagger, you see. I can listen to music the Stones made 1000 years ago, and it's still as fresh and amazing as the day it crawled out from the underworld, blinking in the light. And surprisingly, the song he sang at the end of the show, a kind of a sad ballad with just him and his guitar, was really good. I haven't liked anything the Stones have done since about 1982, really, but I sure do like Mick, because he seems to love the music, still. And of course, I want to have all of Charlie Watts' babies, every day.

Oh, uh. Rambling. :)

Here is the story I wrote my niece for her class. It's about Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley traveled around the country and then came home, and they have a map up in her classroom with pins and string and all the letters everybody sent about Flat Stanley's adventures everywhere. But, you know, I even put Flat Stanley's adventures in a folder, like a little book. As an aunt, I am so IN.

(No, I'm not sure why Flat Stanley's eyes have the red glare of evil. I forgot to ask my niece. Perhaps he was hanging out with Lenny?)

Malcolm is mad at me. I shut the door to the patio without telling him the other day. He came galloping through at top speed and THUNK, right into the glass. Poor baby! He had stars and little birdies orbiting his head for a while after that one. I was on the phone with my sister when it happened, and she clucked and said, "Aww!" and meant it, but then she also sent me a little clip of cats crashing into things and falling off of things and freaking out, because she is just so cool like that. I'll upload it when I have time. Apparently, however, I have an assignment and a remix and an art festival and some shopping to do. Also, comments to answer from a week ago. I'm sloooow.
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