silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Two questions, friends list.

First, Streamload is sucking even more than usual today. How do I go about uploading pics and such on lj? I totally researched this for like minutes upon minutes, I promise.

Second, what is your favorite color? No, wait, that's what I'm going to ask the ghosts the next time I'm on a hunt, pointing the tape recorder at the walls and floor and ceiling. Ha ha ha. Can't help the sense of humor, man. I blame my family.

No, what I want to know is, what is your favorite PWP? I need some inspiration. Also, something to read. Hee! Thanks.

Had a lovely day at the art festival. Got a cool drawstring bag made out of the drapes from Sam Houston's house in Texas. How could I resist that? Had to say no to the spalded cherry bowl, though. I love woodwork, especially the deconstructed stuff with burls and knobs sticking out all over, but 200 bucks, ai.

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