silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Here, have some Vibrators. Oh, me? Just random, thanks, and you? Good, good. Anyway, this is hardcore punk, totally, because once I listened to it and it made me want to burn down my gramma's shed. Also, it was recorded in the 70s, and there's-- there's a crunchy guitar. So.

Whips and Furs

Yesterday I realized that I hadn't heard any crashing or scampering or thunking for quite a while, so I just knew something was going on. I said, "Mal?" and he said, "WHAT, nothing" and came out from wherever, and he had a crumb hanging off one eyebrow whisker. Very mysterious. I figured he was just licking the toaster again or something else naughty, the usual. But then the next time he came to check in and get hugged, he still had that little crumb on there. I went to pick it off, holding onto his head while he gave me the Jeez, mom look, and it was a tiny little red spider, just hanging there, chilling. Aww! Mal is making friends. That's good. I was worried, because the lizards won't play with him any more, after that last time with the guts, and all.

The remix is going fabulously! At first I had some conniptions over the pov I'm having to write, but it's turned out to be the most fun ever, and I may even have time for a down and dirty beta before the deadline. Crazy! It helps that I'm taking today off, and drinking coffee by the bucketload. One more scene to go, COME ON LET'S DO IT. First I'm going to dance around a bit with Mal, who likes to hurl himself at my legs with all claws out, GREAT FUN.

Also, there's this:

Are Sam and Frodo a Little More Than Friends? Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.

All of these are hilarious, man.
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