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Today, remix. Almost done, y'all!

Also, I have to mind-map our unit admissions process. Mind-mapping is the latest corporate organizational trend, I guess. Basically, you brainstorm an idea, then take all of your notes and scribbles and arrows and boxes and drawings and underlinings and such and funnel them into the $300 software, until you end up with a pretty much unreadable tree chart, which will be of no use to our nurses at all, because they just need a simple list with, like, maybe some bullet points. Excellent! I'm on it.

Actually, mind mapping as a process is fabulous, and by the time I actually draw all the roots and branches and tree limbs I will know how to do an admission inside and out. But the charts you end up with after mind mapping are confusing, and aren't good initial assists to accomplishing a task. I don't want to have to trace roots and branches and tree limbs when I do my job, you know, I just want a list of stuff to do. With, like, maybe some section headings. I don't know.

But my boss is certain this will turn everything around for us, because you see, the reason we are not compliant with admissions policy is because we don't understand it, and we need to find a new way to think about the whole thing. It's not at all that we just don't care, partly because we just don't, and also because they keep changing the process and the paperwork every three days. Of course not!

So, the mind mapping, and I will ask my boss who hasn't a clue about our admissions process to look at my pretty tree chart and tell me, based on that, what she thinks her priorities should be as an admitting nurse, what she should do first and what after that and how she'll go about managing the whole thing. I know she's going to look at me over her glasses, because really she's a smart cookie, and then we can talk it all over again. Sigh. (+hopeful)

Nursing is not about common sense. Why do I keep forgetting that?

/grumble, sorry

Here, have some flist samplings while I wipe up the splooge:

Televisionism rules, and

Fnakes on a plane, never not funny.

Top Chef, 1 pm. Don't let me forget. That nasty little Steven fucker is going down.
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