silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Remix is in, and I even managed all the pesky little mdashes and things. Excellent. Can't say I'll necessarily be drawn to write that pairing again, but what the hell. I didn't discover the joy that is the timbertrick until forced to it by dwnoga, and my brain is not totally, like, solidified yet. In fact, I'm totally willing to stick all my usual writing moves into a new... uh. Where was I going with that? :P

Here. Have some Lo Fi Allstars. No, no, I insist! hammerhead22, I know you said you had Battle Flag already, but uploading it gave me an excuse to listen to it 12 times. Okay, a bad excuse. Whatever.

I said hallelujah! To the 16 loyal fans-ah! You're getting down on your motherfucking knees, ain't it time for you bitches to give?

It's inspirational, really.

Battle Flag

Lazer Sheep Dip Funk

Man, JC posts about buying a kite and not taking a shower, and I hear about it seven times on my flist. Love that!! In these days of SGA and SPN, about which I just can't get excited, it's so nice to hear about the guys sometimes. Why, back in my day, we didn't have livejournal, we had a potato. IT WAS DAMN HARD POSTING ON A POTATO, LET ME TELL YOU. Why, I remember one time, me and Jedediah harnessed up the old potatowhjgjdslkfjslkdf'. *wheeze*

Oh, speaking of SGA, I'm rereading Transcendental right now. ♥ ♥

It strikes me how very 1st season that Rodney is, though. Like, 1st season Rodney could totally take over running Atlantis and Sheppard and do a damn adequate job at both, even though he'd piss off everyone in the universe. Now, second season Rodney... I don't know, man. The neuroses are winning.

And Top Chef... first of all, because I am 12, how much did I love the guest chef? "It's a fucking burrito." Ahahaha. Yes. And Stephen... oh, Stephen. You remind me so much of my cousin, who stood by her mom's knee while we swung from the chandeliers and lit the cat on fire and rampaged through the neighborhood, kicking over mailboxes. Her little suit was always perfect, and she was terrified of us, but now I understand she is a business person of some kind, very successful and powerful. Mommy loves you, poopy doo!!

It's the tile spray. Mildew remover, you know. I swear. OH, LOOK AT THE TIME.
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