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Happy Spring Celebration of Your Choice, Livejournal!

I'm having a pretty good day, hot as hell outside and somebody a few condos down bought a dog who loves the sound of his own screechy yap echoing over the lake. Also, I'm royally screwed when it comes to this research assignment I had due on Friday, because I just can't muster up any interest here at the end of the semester, but I have to, to get any points at all at this point. Oh, well! I've been reading remix stories, who cares about all that.

Correct me if I'm on crack, but the stories this year kicked ass. Lovely! Somebody remixed my sesa story from a few years ago and it's so well done, just fucking hilarious, and I love it. First off, O Whoever You Are, thank you for the JC is like an amoeba line. I'm still smiling over that one. Also, ahahahaha! Justin. He's such a dork.

"It's you, Chris," Justin gasps, pushing Chris backward and kicking the door shut behind him. "I thought it was JC but it wasn't."

"It wasn't. But you had a Master Plan?"

"I know," Justin says, nodding eagerly. "But it was screwed up. I thought that I wanted someone hot like JC, but I wanted you instead."

Chris raises an eyebrow.

"I mean. Fuck you! You know what I mean," Justin wails.

Chris makes him suffer for another long minute and then he says "okay." Justin is on him, almost before the words are out of his mouth.

And JC and Chris, they're dorks, too.

"What?" JC murmurs against his lips.

"It's just. You know. He really likes you."

JC sits back again. "Really?" he asks. "Are you sure this isn't just a thing? Like when he only spoke in ebonics?"

"God, the dreads," Chris groaned. "No, this is not like that."

"Oh," JC says. "Wow. So we--"

"Shouldn't," Chris says.

"Well, this sucks," JC says.

"For me, sure. You get to fuck Justin."

JC brightens visibly. He runs his hands through his hair to fluff it out.

The thing about this remix is that my characters were like, I don't know, cartoony maybe, but this remix takes them and calms them down into real people without losing any of the humor or crack. Thank you, O Remixer, I am honored.

Yeah! So, I'm going to go work on my assignment now. Oh, yes I am.
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