silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Last night I dreamed about Chris K. Yes, in my dream he was "Chris K." He came to the restaurant where I was working, because when I work in my dreams it's always in restaurants, to this day. Although once I did dream about trying to get the cooks to chart on the salads they were making... but I digress. All the staff was in a quiet sort of uproar, because Chris K!! And he was having a smoke out back behind the bar, down by the pier. So I went walking across the grass down there and said "Hey!" because apparently in my dreams I'm much cooler, and he said "Hey!" back, because dreams are wonderful things like that. We went back inside and had a drink at the bar, and he put his hand on the back of my neck and just kept rubbing his thumb over my tattoo, until Malcolm put his paw on my nose to wake me up, and when I opened my eyes I had two thoughts. One, JEEZ LOUISE. And two, I GOTTA REMEMBER THAT FOR A STORY. Ahaha.

How embarrassing, really. It was lovely. I never get to dream about the guys, hardly ever. Once I dreamt about JC's knees, and another time I got to bake a pie with Chris, but that's about it.

Asdjkflskj; good morning. I have to go to class now, the last class of the semester. Renal. How's you all doing today?
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