silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Looks like I'm doing the slashfic25 thing. Should be fun... I already have ideas. Yay! Anyone care to make me a 3manbus icon? Name your price.

1 Strangers 2 Curve 3 Accident 4 Through 5 School
6 Fall 7 Below 8 Beginnings 9 Inherit 10 Snow
11 Jealous 12 Writer's Choice 13 Letters 14 Canada 15 Forget
16 Enough 17 Map 18 Phobia 19 Rough 20 Smell
21 Epiphany 22 Secrets 23 Challenge 24 Kitchen 25 Morning

  • No shame, no regrets

    When It's Over

  • (no subject)

    Justin ducks his head and squints through the windshield, but tall weeds at the side of the road hide the place from sight. He can't tell if any cars…

  • (no subject)

    One time on the bus, JC had fallen asleep slumped against the window with his face pressed to the glass. Chris had been just about to jab a finger…

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