silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ahahaha. Well, the 3manbus is proving elusive. I gave it a go last night and this is what came out:

"There's one thing we forgot."

Justin's eyes went wide and his face filled with horror. Chris nodded sadly.

"So, like-- yeah. Justin and me."

Justin's grip on his wrist tightened and Chris stopped trying to feel around behind his back for the doorknob. It was too late, he had done it. Justin was trembling beside him, but suddenly Chris felt a rush of pride and defiance. Fuckin' A, he had done it. Fuck them all.

Lance smiled absently. "Well, sure," he said, and flipped over the page of his newspaper.

"Ha! Loser," Joey said, pumping his fist.

Justin stiffened against him. Fucking Joey, Chris hadn't expected that from him. He broke Justin's hold to slide his hand over Justin's back, and Justin crowded closer.

Joey stopped and looked at them. "Oh! Oh, hey, not you. Lance, I meant Lance. He totally owes me big now. Uh."

"Lance owes you," Justin said in a silky smooth voice. Joey looked startled, but Lance turned another page, ignoring them. Suddenly, Chris knew everything was going to be okay. Justin bristled at Joey and Lance, and Joey grinned weakly back at him while Lance picked up his coffee cup, cool as ice, and everything was exactly the way it should be.

Of course, that was the moment JC bleated, "Oh, my god!" and threw his arms around Justin's neck.

"JC--" Chris said, and stopped himself.

Justin patted JC's back. Chris was fully prepared to meet Justin's eyes over JC's shoulder and see a new look of uncertainty there. Fuck. But JC tore himself away from Justin and glommed onto Chris like a spidery-limbed monkey.

"Oh, my god!" JC repeated, his voice shaking.

Chris glanced quickly at Justin and tried to inhale against JC's crushing grip. This couldn't be, he'd had no idea... what? "JC--" he tried again.

"I'm so happy," JC breathed, and released Chris. "But if you guys fuck on the bus ever, I will smother you both."

"You should be so lucky," Chris said, grinning.

Well, I suppose it could be pre-3. Will keep on it. Online final not due till Tuesday night, so today, totally all about the writing. Oh, except for the nursing Skills Fair down at work. I have to go teach people about central lines for a few hours. For those of you who don't know, those are IV catheters that wind their way through your body to sit in the big vein right outside your heart. They can remain in place anywhere from a week to years, depending on the type of line, which is nice if you're, say, an oncology patient and have to have IV meds and blood draws every single day. There! Now you know as much as many of our nurses. You're hired!
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