silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Wow, long day. I worked the skills fair today instead of Sunday, and spent four hours quizzing nurses on the difference between implanted ports and CVCs and hickmans and groshongs and PICCs, most of the central lines, and made them flush the lines while I watched and told them about infection rates and troubleshooting blockages and blah blah blah. I think I checked off 50 or 60 people. And all this after taking my final in pathophys, renal and GI and cardiac and endocrine and some other I stuff I don't remember now. I got a hunnert! On the test! But right now I just don't want to hear about medical stuff at all.

Hey! Remix authors! How about that. First of all, wrt, let me say thanks AGAIN to bossymarmalade for bringing the challenge back home next year. Yay, Maggie!

I remixed pen's A Little Bit Extra, and it was fun!

A Little Bit Extra (the grumpy-dopey bedtime remix)

Trickyfish! *boggles*

I haven't written from Lance's pov before. Don't think I totally managed it, and the story has some of my usual flaws (ah, consistancy), but overall I'm happy. Thanks, pen! I had a good time with the challenge this year.

synchronik remixed my story. 0.o

Yeah, dude. An awesome time this year.

Night, now!
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