silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yo, artistes. JJill is sponsoring a t-shirt design contest with a coupla fairly cool prizes: $1000 JJill shopping spree (should be good for at least a pair of pants and some shoes!) and a little art retreat thingie, which may or not be cheesy, I can't tell. I know there are people on my friendslist who kick ass in the creative department. Let me know if you win so I can get my cut!

I just got my hair cut by the most slovenly person ever, and I loved her. She had taco bell all over her white polo shirt (she told me) and she kept wheezing on me as she cut my hair, and when she was done there were little random bits of hair sticking out of my head in odd patches. But she was totally unresentful when I pointed them out, and together we managed a hair cut that is OMG SO CUTE, and she was so clearly shocked by that and by the fact that I tipped her that she dug a battered card out of her pocket and presented it to me, and who knows, I may call her again. Ahahaha. Yep.

I haven't been to this Backroom place in downtown Orlando, but I'm kind of intrigued by the possibility that Chris and his band are playing in someone's parking lot. That indeed would be AWESOME. A little grill out there for some burgers, some plastic cups of beer... man. Can't WAIT. :P

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