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You pervy fuckers. It is a porcelain radio strain, an insulator used to manage suspended radio and telegraph wires. I spent hours last night browsing this site, because I love depression glass and quirky antiques and collectibles. My dad got me into it; he has a fantastic collection of glass eye cups, which were used for medication administration back in the day. I have to admit, though, that I may have the wrong temperament for this kind of thing. My first thought upon seeing this brute of an antique was OW and my second thought was Lance would probably like that, and I fear my potential new insulator club buddies would not understand or appreciate my contributions to the hobby.

Yesterday I stopped by a futon factory after work and not fifteen minutes later came reeling out of the place, smoking credit card in hand. So, I have a new bed, which will be delivered on Wednesday, and I wish I could say I will miss my old Ikea platform, which I got in Schaumburg, IL and made my bro-in-law cart back to Milwaukee on the roof of his Saturn and then shipped to St Petersburg where I assembled and sanded and stained it and some parts were missing so I couldn't actually sleep on it until Ikea sent the replacements six weeks later and then I had to buy a futon for it anyway which turned out to be crappy and flat so my butt rests pretty much directly on the bed's supporting slats, but I won't. I feel like I should miss it, after the investment in time and energy and $$$, but no. New bed! It's okay, though -- I took out the garbage yesterday and somebody had thrown out a PERFECTLY GOOD 50's style vinyl kitchem chair, so I lugged it into the house furtively and swabbed it down with antibacterial wipes and it's a great desk chair, and now I have that wonderful contrary glow of having spent money and saved money at the same time, which is just perverse enough to make the whole Ikea bed vs new bed thing okay, after all.

New classes starting next week. I have clinical teaching strategies and curriculum development. Curriculum development, I have no clue what that'll be, but it sounds boring. Clinical teaching strat., I have much curiosity about. It's an online class. How can we learn to teach in the hospital if we're not, you know, in the hospital? We shall see. Hopefully it'll be as silly in execution as in concept, and therefore engaging.

withdiamonds is coming for both of Chris's shows, yippee! And as an added bonus, Stereo. 77 is spinning at the Peacock Room on Thursday night, which should be a fantastic set. The Peacock Room is hip and laidback and might be just the thing after the naked bartenders at Mako's set the place on fire, which, you know, maybe I'm just getting old. Ahahaha!!

Chris, ♥, always.
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