silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I have a new bed, and some orange shorts (I'm not sure why orange, actually, but thanks for asking), and I got a raise. Truly, all is well in my world. Except, is that how you spell "truly"? Truley? Truely? Hmm.

callsigns asked...

Been my desktop for like a year now. I don't wanna be right, you see.

Horseback riding postponed, as 3904709 other people now want to come along. I foresee the entire BMT unit of Florida Hospital out there in the wilderness, falling off horses and calling horses "nice horsy" and otherwise being annoying toward horses and indeed pissing horses off, perhaps even being dumped by horses and left behind. Should be fun! Well, as long as there's a picnic lunch, I'm in.

eta: horsey? horsie? man.

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