silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

How many a's in random? Depends how you pronounce it, I guess.

1. Dr Who, how I love you. What a fantastic couple of shows, the Empty Child.

Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks this could be a little more sonic??


Just this once, everyone lives!!

And of course, the dancing at the end. The thing is, I keep thinking Dr Who is supposed to be this cheesy, dismissable (although fun) mess, but this doctor, I'm constantly blindsided by the characters and the situations, all these little moments that are just so surprising and real and thought provoking. He really does seem like someone who's seen it all but still loves it, and I can totally understand the fun of traveling around with a companion who's barely been alive for a minute, to keep things fresh and fun and new. And of course in light of that I love how this doctor is constantly being pwned by Rose. Is that how it is for all the doctors? I don't remember.

Not feeling Captain Jack too much. I am willing to change my mind on that one, though. His little bit at the end, imminent death, talking to the computer, the executioners, etc.: very cute.

2. The Roads Never Lead Where They're Supposed to Go by eleveninches, fantastic SGA au. It's written in this kind of free-wheeling style reminiscent of, I don't know, Kurt Vonnegut? Past and present and future all together, and just hilarious, and her Rodney and John are perfect and the vision of their little society in Atlantis seems so warm and likely, a major kink of mine. An enjoyable read. In fact, I think I'm going to read it again, pretty soon. :)

3. As for work and writing and all the usual jazzzzz, I just keep deleting everything I start here. Too much to say, but it just comes out tl;dr and that's no fun at all. Mal and I have been experiencing ideological differences lately which have resulted in him being banned from the bedroom at night (i.e., he gets bored around 2 am, which means I must be awake to entertain him, which means the paw on the face and the attacking of my feet and the scratching of his nails on the new bed frame aljflfasdf;), but unfortunately his response to banishment is the Loud Trilling of Sad Loneliness, a Symphony in Many, Many Movements, Lasting Throughout the Night, which I'm not sure is better, on reflection. Any pointers in cat management gratefully welcomed, as I don't want to have to resort to hanging him from the balcony in a drawstring bag, and I'll bet my neighbors don't want me to have to, either.

4. Mmmm. TrickC, visceral. I miss them.

5. Intriguing. With many eeeegs.

6. How's it going, livejournal? Tell me something good.
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