silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Livejournal, I really fucking love Chris Kirkpatrick.

Also, I'm sorry: I'm really lame.

Now that we have the baseline established, I'll let you know that I did, in fact, buy a camera for this event, and I did, in fact, run the battery down playing with my new toy for the 7492 hours before Nigels 11 played, so that by the time I started trying to take pictures of Chris, who was like TEN FUCKING FEET AWAY FROM ME (*dies*) and hotter than the sun, no love. NO LOVE, livejournal. God.

Well, I did get this with my phone:


Shut up.

Okay, the event.

Yes, it was a parking lot. I was in hog heaven! I think Donna was a bit bummed, and she seemed to keep having wicked acid-related flashbacks (or something) to the Nsync Wal Mart concert of a thousand years ago, a heavy load of angsty meaning, some kinda full circle closure, I guess, but it was a very nice parking lot and I could just imagine the Chris in my head snorting because, well. Parking lot.

It's a parking lot smack in the middle of downtown Orlando, so it's surrounded by tall office buildings, a cozy space. Also, it's the weekend of the Florida Music Festival, 250 bands scattered throughout ten or so city blocks and three days, so there were freaks of all stripes wandering around, fabulous. During our endless wait for Nigels 11, we saw one woman wearing a wedding dress, another wearing her undies, several mohawks, and a cute emo boy wearing his sister's way-too-small-for-him jeans and white linen jacket, and a tie. ADORABLE. Also, Bev and a couple of sisters were there, looking positively funereal but having a good time, I thought.

One of the freaks turned out to be go4it! Awesome. She drove down, and I remembered her from cftc in Chicago. It felt like a true sparkly event, then, Donna traveling from Pennsylvania, Laura traveling from Georgia, and me all the way from Altamonte Springs, FL.

There were many, many bad bands before Chris, at least three. God. The band right before Chris... Space Bar? Some kinda thing? I just remember telling Donna, it's sad when the best part of the song is the programmed drum machine. Ai.

And then Donna yanked my arm out of its socket and said OHMYGOD OHMYGOD THERE HE IS THERE HE IS, in her calm and collected way. Man, alls he was doing was standing in the walkway from the bar in front of the parking lot, but my heart stopped and then started again really fast, because BANDANA AND HAIR, which was truly all I could see of him at that point. Omg, such is the nature of my fannish psychosis, I guess. Ahahahahaa! The squee! How I've missed you!

He came out wearing a Viking helmet with horns, looking yummy. Like I said, ten feet away. Tan cargo shorts with black socks, wtf, hi Chris!! Sleeveless Florida t-shirt and a knee brace on the right, and he had the monitor for his microphone stuffed in his back pocket, and more than anything else he looked comfortable and slightly blitzed and good. Livejournal, I don't remember what songs he sang or in what order, because I suck like that. But his band is crack, and his voice is perfect for that rocking stuff. Last night he was slightly hoarse, probably from all the pot, ha ha, but really he seemed to be enjoying himself up there.

First thing he said when the first song was done was, "My friends are ASSHOLES." And lo, I knew it would be good.

He apologized for only doing a couple of songs, but he made up for it by talking a lot, and it was the classic Chris shit. His friends sucked, apparently, because they were all supposed to be dressed up, because they were going to do a Lord of the Rings skit, and there he was up there looking like an idiot, because "I am DRESSED LIKE A VIKING." I think that made total sense to him. I know it made sense to me at the time, but I was in a sparkly headspace, so who knows.

It was five songs worth of wonderful Chris stuff, like the audience participation, where we had to sing about Jodi being a pornstar ("this is a song about NOTHING AT ALL, REALLY"). He told us, "Now the hookers sing!" and we did, and he said, "That's what I thought." I'm a sucker for that kind of good natured audience abuse, I guess. Or maybe he could call us all cocksucking fuckers and I'd like it. Hmm. Actually, I'd like that better. ANYWAY, ahaha, a train went by when he was explaining the insignificance of Jodi's song, and he said, "Actually, I wrote this song for a train. No.... I was on a train. No, I'm just kidding," and that just brought back so many weird Chris rambles, interviewers looking at him and looking away, and then holding the microphone out to Justin or anybody else, god, and it was just total ♥ for me. Chris.

During the whole thing Ranel watched the crowd like a hawk, all 147 of them, or really he watched us like a hawk, because he caught go4it vidding RIGHT OFF THE BAT, aaha. He glared at me, but alls I had was my crappy Motorola v300, open so joyfulseeker could listen. Then he went up on stage and glared at us that way, and I could see his eyes over the speaker, scanning the parking lot. Y'all, Kilroy was pissed. :)

And at one point Eric came up on stage and danced, dressed as a garden gnome. Hee! I love that guy. Chris told us, "The garden gnome has a big pee-pee!" which, okay! I just love the relationships he seems to have with his friends. He got into this big discussion with... Dave? One of the Mikes? About the giant inflatable beer can next to the stage. Chris said, "Is that a forty?" and they got into a long conversation about gallons and cubic centimeters and geosynchronous orbits, which, if anybody has this saved somewhere, please let me know. The upshot of it all, after many rounds of cracked out science talk, was Chris gesturing to Dave and/or Mike and saying, "He went to college!" You just know Chris is one of those people who gives his friends total hell on a daily basis. He is so one of my raucous Irish uncles, I swear. Cousins. Okay, nephews.

But I'd better wrap this up, because I still have to do an assignment for my curriculum class... yes, the class for which I do not yet have the books. Ahhaaaha. Bullshit, thy name is Mary. And Donna and I have to go to PF Chang's, and maybe at some point the battery for my shiny new phone will be recharged, because I think I did get one or two shots of the Viking hat.

Will anyone freak if I upload the pics someone posted to the comments section of the Nigels 11 MySpace?

eta: another thing he said, because I am a dork: "I think I know everyone here. I do know everyone here!!"

....okay, Igonow. It's just, it's, I. *flails*

But, you know how it is. :)
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