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she got a gold tooth, you know she's hard core

Thank god for the Beastie Boys.

Well. Really, that's it.


1. JC! I may not survive this.

2. apparently, my nursing license is also good in Wisconsin. 'Cause, you know, my family lives there. The disadvantage being, of course, that I'd have to be in Wisconsin. [shiver] Also good in Mississippi and Tennessee, and a few other states. I'm holding out for California and Florida, though. Both places I've considered going. California, though, will prob. never sign the compact. It actually tries to take care of its health care workers, unlike the rest of the country. In return, this means it's stricter than other states, with the levels of skill & knowledge it requires.

3. peaceful porn's almost done. Turning out surprisingly... porny. The storm that defines the peace, heh.
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