silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Livejournal, I succumb. What's a good icon-producing program that doesn't require a second mortgage to obtain, and knowledge of Sanskrit to use? It is because of the Ghost Hunters, you see. There are few pictures of them -- YET -- and my usual slash and burn thumbnail techniques just ain't cuttin' it. I don't know how to resize a picture, you see. So embarrassing.

Oh, man. I'm not one for the high school AU's, as a rule, but this is so good. Her Rodney is fantastic, as always, self-centered and too damn smrt for anyone's good, such a teenager, and her John, you can really see the sardonic man he becomes in this lonely, screwed up boy. Also, I love her clean, controlled prose. She doesn't paint the stars a thousand colors, or whatever, and I really appreciate that. It's beautiful writing.

John didn't use his hand, but only because he used Rodney's thigh instead, so when he claimed he'd won, it was merest sophistry.

Also, I thought oh, hell and went ahead and got the spray bottle. Ahahahahaa!! Dudes, Mal may never forgive me. Works like the proverbial charm, what ho: my table is soaked, and I kind of messed up and sprayed my pillow when Mal announced at 3 am that it was time to have a party, but a few minutes ago he jumped up on a dining room chair and raised a claw, and then stopped and glared at me and skittered away. Hurray! Excelsior!! Or, um. Maybe not excelsior, but you know what I mean. Yay!

I'm sorry I doubted your good advice, everybody. Turns out he's pretty much a cat after all. WHAT A RELIEF. Now I just have to remember to carry the bottle with me everywhere I go. Do they make holsters for these things?

The little quiz my teacher uploaded to make sure we're doing the readings is FOUR ESSAY QUESTIONS, each requiring 500 word answers, due along with the usual essays on Sunday. So... gotta run. I think some nice relaxing popslash is in order, don't you?
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