silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dragon Challenge stories, yay! Today I'll be reading them in between bouts of homework, so obviously they will be necessary to my continued survival. Thanks, pensnest, for putting this together! Same time next year, yes?

Got my assignment in the JuC Story Swap and am very pleased. I might already have an idea, too, but that's just freaky. We'll see.

To my author: Really, have fun. I love the hot stories, and would appreciate it if you didn't leave them too damaged, but the main thing for me is that you should enjoy the writing. Also, you know, don't feel like you have to write 40958309 words to make it a good challenge story. I'd rather have 1001 words that made you happy than a huge frantic rush to complete 97 chapters before the deadline. Srsly, enjoy! Bask in the JuC love! Get in the mood and roll around in it! Taste the lucious magical drops of, uh... with the... all over the underside of... hmm. Perhaps I'll stop there. Don't want to use up all my chops right away, ahaaha.

I missed SGA hate, and am very sad (caw), but I saw SGA love and found it kind of cute. They have characters who turn into animals! And genderswaps! And crackfic and experimental fic and AUs and genre-busters and actual female characters! All manner of freaky fic, they have it! And the hair!

Does every fandom think they invented that stuff? I know we did, too. We don't have thigh holsters over here, though, I freely admit. They do have that. I would, however, like to point out that on Dog the Bounty Hunter, they also wear thigh holsters! And they have badass tattoos and Mullets of Righteous Semi-sanctioned Peace-keeping! But of course, they are not in a strange galaxy, and none of them can dance (that I know of). Also, there is no fandom, except for me, and I ain't gonna be the one to write Duane Chapman as an aardvark. Not yet, anyway.

So, in conclusion, what was my point? Something about cultural icons and fandom crossover, maybe. Or maybe something about L-O-V-E love, the greatest thing in the world. Hell, I don't know. It makes everything new?
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