silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Family discord continues unabated. Malcolm is a creature of habit, and one of his habits is to eat a few nuggets (urinary tract formulation, mmm) and then have a nice scratch at the third dining room chair. The banishing doesn't work, and when I squirt him now he crouches twitching under the spray, giving me the evil eye. HE IS SUCH A TWO YEAR OLD, OMG. This morning he streaked up to the chair leg and raised a paw, then looked at me and said MEOW. I said NO and I WANT YOU TO WANT TO DO THE DISHES, but I fear he doesn't yet understand allusions, because he raised the other paw and got a few good gouges in before I got him dead blank in the face. Now he's raising hell in the bedroom, batting the vertical blinds around while I pretend to write about the effects of stress on learning in clinical situations (it's bad).

Either that, or he dislikes Vince Vaughn as much as I do. Hmm. I guess it is important to consider all the pros and cons before implementing new interventions. Scratch the instructive allusions, then.

Yesterday I was the chemo queen all morning, hung three and took down four. Then I got booted up the clinical ladder by means of attending the Nurse Managers' meeting and presenting my case study, which I'm afraid made everybody a little sniffly-eyed. But, you know, sometimes withdrawing all treatment is a form of healing, too. Anyway, then I came back and gave a couple more chemos and checked off some orders, etc., and then I helped one of the nurse techs outline her writing assignment for Advanced English: "Why My Husband Is The Most Influencal Person In My Life." Did you know that every topic statement is supposed to have THREE points? Neither did I. *is embarrassed*

Today I'm buying my airline tickets for Beatlefest (or The Festival of the Beatles or whatever we're allowed to call it now) in August, with withdiamonds. Woot! John/Paul 4evr, yo.
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