silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh, HI. Long time no talk.

I got up on here to wish frausorge a happy day. Happy day, frausorge! You make this place fun!

But man, I almost forgot how to do this. Freaky! Weeks went by! I don't know. School is kicking my ass, verily, and while work is cool because my new job is pretty much basically to do my old job, I'm just so busy all the time. So many other reasons besides work and school, too, I can't lie.

1. This is such a hot story, damn. I had to read it a bunch of times. SG1! I know. I don't know.

2. How are people saying OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOOK ME THREE HOURS TO READ THIS BUT SO WORTH IT -- how? I have been reading this for days. Every post has so many links to follow up, and there are so many old wanks, and so many comments, and all the old journals, and the new ones, and the meta... a gold mine, people. I love this reportage stuff. Especially since I was just getting going on lj when all that started, and I remember fandom_scruples very well. Best place to find porn! One stop shopping! But anyway, beyond the amazing investigative history-making, heh, I learned some things. That makes it extra-good!

2(b). I learned that there is weird stuff happening behind the scenes all the time. Well, I knew that. But to be reminded of it like this, all pieced together from clues and theories and hints and ideas and allegations and anonymous posts and shifting lj names, that is priceless. It's a big, weird world out there, and I love to be reminded of that.

2(c). A couple of journals mocking fiction, some random anonymous posts here and there... I learned that popslash is mellow. Well, it is now. I understand it was wankier in the past? Whatever, we're pretty good.

2(d). If you read every single comment on every single post, it's like watching the same sort of thing as before happening all over again. In a way. Not quite the same, no sockmaster, but... People argue and take positions and opinions consolidate and lo, the dissenters had just better watch out. Because she's dying of cancer, ya know. And some things you just shouldn't be skeptical about, you bastards.

2(e). Man, it's like I just got here, huh?

2(f). And, okay, the best part? This. Don't click that, though! It's no good! Unless you like free gay porn, then it's good. Go ahead. I read several thousand comments to find this free gay porn, and it's worth it, god knows, but also, really sad. The free gay porn should have been much easier to find. Priorities, people, is that asking so much??

3. But, moving along. Old news, we're walking. These are so gorgeous that I don't know what to do with them.

4. Mal has taken a sudden recent freak to the sound of rain on the condo roof -- or something. I really don't know. I came home yesterday, and he was crouched, watching the bedroom door, shaking. I swear, he had me thinking someone was hiding in one of my dresser drawers. Today I got home right before it started raining, and he eeped and tried to hide behind my leg, and it was hours before he would go into the bedroom. ??

...there were other things, but man, all I know is, the semester is almost over. One journal article, one clinical learning project, a couple of little essays... can do. *crosses fingers*

JC? August 14? Life is good.
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