silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Sorry about that last post, y'all. I had totally forgotten I wanted to use rikes's banner as she suggested.


Not only is he bringing sexy back, but also late 90's early, uh... 2000's techno. Very Y'ALL READY FOR THISSSSSS, I must say, but a little updated, way sexy, and a lot JC. I'm hearing some folks on the flist discussing how this song sounds like the natural next step after Celebrity, the way Justified didn't sound, and I'm seeing that as rather the natural next step in JC and Justin's writing relationship, finally.

I don't even want to hear it if this was one they didn't work on together. HAPPY.PINK.WORLD. I am not in this fandom for the truth, people. That was xfiles. :P

.......although on second thought, the song does remind me of 2004, walking down Collins Av on Miami Beach at 3 am, hearing the same song blaring from Hmmm.

At any rate, Justin!! This'll hit hard, I betcha. Unlike with Justified, I am ready and willing to see this tour a bunch of times. Missed that!

In other news, this story is just so perfect. Mmmm, Sheppard and McKay, I looove you. Also, Malcolm has decided that it's Rugs Shall Not Lie Flat Day in the old ranchero, so he's trilling in a desperate way and attacking the floors in every room. I am working on my final project for curriculum development, and unfortunately my instructor has extended the deadline by three days, so I just can't get into it. I need the pressure! And finally... oh, man. I had something, but it's gone.

Good morning! Day. Afternoon. Um.
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