silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Orderly. Orderly and quick. Those are my watchwords for today, although I would probably edit that out of my paper, because wtf is a "watchword"? Anyway.

1)Omfg, I am almost done with this project. \o/

Or o.0 -- I'm not quite sure which, yet. I'm thinking still pretty much o.0, until the coffee kicks in more and I finish this rickin'-frickin' section on mentoring ("whatever, it's a good thing, jeez" seems to be the sum of my working notes), at which time it'll all shift over into \o/, I'm sure. Tentative yays.

2)See, and the great thing about the clip where Chris is annoying, and Justin says WILL YOU LET ME TALK, is later when Chris is just buzzing along, spitting on Lance's head, one glance at Justin and he stops.dead. Heee!! The Power of the Glare, yo, recognize.

3)I'm saving the clips of Justin's show the other night for when I am done done. Then I will also be ready to transition from the trickC love into the 3manbus, which is a natural move, I think, because he's there and he's Justin,, how could they not look at him, face down in a bowl of cereal or carefully pulling at one curl in the mirror or grinning at someone he just pissed off? And then look at each other, or not look at each other, ahaha, probably. At first.

4)Sorry, I -- just, sorry. Here, have a cat.

5)Still working on those camera skills, man.

6)This one I texted to my sister, and I'm sure she was like GAH!!!! oh. god, but I like it, because it's so me, all up in... like, too much, or.... OH, LOOK AT THE TIME. I have to, um.
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