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aww, you know it's a shame, when we always get the blame

The evil icebun has been forcing me to think about bassez lately --sorry, Chris! I'm sorry!-- and it makes me think about dirty nasty things wonder, why do people like the pairings they like? And not like the ones they don't?

Prob. this has been talked to death, but I'm still fairly new to this fandom and I love this stuff.

Yesterday, hanging an antibiotic IV for a patient, telling him I wasn't really into sports (everyone on the unit watching football), he said to me, "well, you probably have hobbies that other people aren't interested in, too. That's the way the world works." Most likely he wondered if his comment was really that funny, to deserve so much snorting laughter from me. And I was thinking to myself, you know what, self? You haven't tried writing a really scorching hot blow job yet. And JC's feet deserve a story of their own. Or so mickeym tells me.

Yeah, I suppose it's possible that some people might not be interested in my hobby.

Weird, though.

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