silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Two hours until the last two essays of my hardest semester are due, and JC and Justin decide to start playing.

Ain't that always the way.

In other news, Mal's going to get a little buddy in about 8 weeks. Right now he looks like a little naked rat, but he will have white fur, I think, when he grows up some. Ahahahaa. Mal's going to freak. Should be funny; I'll let you know. Actually, he'll probably still be freaking over the boarding for when withdiamonds and I go to Chicago next month, and anyway it's hard to tell exactly why he's mad, at any given juncture. Right now, for example, it might be that I won't give him any more cotton balls to soak in his water dish, or that I won't give him any of my bleu cheese dressing and french fries. Or it might be that they've been working on my condo roof for a few days, tromping about and shouting and knocking dust down to rain on our heads, and it's scary. Clearly that's my ankles' fault.

SGA was fun, but I realized I have so much invested in thinking of them as isolated and lost, building their little society a billion miles from earth. (I may be a bit behind on the eps, heh.) When Elizabeth stepped through the Gate and was home, just like that, it kind of shocked me. Made it extra-weird that she put Teyla in charge of the Gate room, too. Somehow that's okayer when it's frontier rules. Lots of things are okayer when it's frontier rules.

Rodney, John, Zelenka, Ronan... I missed you! Huh. :P

You know, reading the stories, I kind of forget how well-spoken Zelenka is. And John's drawl, I love to hear it again, to realize how much he says with his tone, and how extra-wonderful his dialogue is when it captures that.

Rodney... Rodney, Rodney. How annoying he is, and yet how completely hot, when working as part of the team and giving orders and being the smart scientist guy.

♥ (overused as they are)

Gotta go. Someone on my class discussion board just speculated that nurses are lousy at teamwork because it's a bunch of women. *sharpens sporks*
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